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A property hunter

What is it ?

Any algorithm can search: "house, 4 bedrooms with pool " ...

… But only a real estate advisor who will be perfectly attentive to you and will know your needs, your desires, and then will be able to find you a selection of high-quality properties. Finding the view you desire so much, the charm of a fireplace, a perfect kitchen you are looking for or the ideal garden for you,… for all of this, you will always need the human factor, of a person listening to you.

At WINSOME IMMOBILIER, we are committed to ensuring that you have a single point of contact, a real estate expert dedicated at your search, who will be your dedicated property hunter!

Do you have dreams ?
We have the tools to make them happen !

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Be present

At each stage of your project

At Winsome Immobilier, we believe that the purchasing process can be fluid and transparent but above all shortened by 10 by avoiding any pitfalls.

Together, we will lay the groundwork for your project, review your list of wants and needs to help you narrow your search and determine your price range. Winsome will be your privileged interlocutor while referring you to our team of appropriate professionals to handle all the technical, legal, or fiscal questions necessary for the success of your transaction.

The first visits will be made upstream to show you only the properties that meet your expectations. And for those who live far away, our tours can be followed on live video to get an idea of the property without even leaving your home. Stop wasting time on unnecessary visits.

It is together that we will go to conquer your future HOME!

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Winsome works on the two largest real estate marketplaces in France, Interkab and Apimarket, and it is for the sole purpose of finding your ideal property that we will work in collaboration with all the other real estate company.

Our team will be by your side every step of the way, providing you with the shoulders you need for a successful transaction! Don’t hesitate anymore, call us…

Winsome Immobilier agency

Expert real estate agents at your Service

Buying process

of a real estate property

The plan to buy a property should not be taken lightly, which is why calling on a professional is the guarantee of a successful transaction. We are well aware that our mission is to bring real added value to the process.


First step, we make an appointment with a member of our team, he will become your single point of contact within the agency, your privileged partner in the search for the property of your dreams. Together, you will establish a precise and exhaustive inventory of your purchasing project in order to know your needs and your objectives.


If you do not know your financial capacity, Winsome can put you in touch with a broker so that he can calculate your borrowing capacity or even with our wealth management partner in order to establish a complete wealth balance sheet in order to guide your next investment in the best possible way.

The agent responsible for your search will go hunting for the ideal property for you. He will first see if a property in our portfolio corresponds to you, then thanks to our real estate software, we have access to the mandates of the 889 real estate agencies present on the APIMO Market Place with whom we collaborate. Then, if necessary, we will go through all the real estate advertisements on the net in order to find the rare pearl, just for you.


At Winsome, the properties that we present to you are carefully selected, visited beforehand, and if it is a property that is in mandate in our real estate agency, you can make a virtual visit, from your home, before moving.


Once you have found your ideal property, Winsome helps you write the purchase offer before presenting it to the sellers or their agents. Our market expertise allows you to make an offer at the right price and our legal expertise allows you to already provide in the offer all the conditions necessary for a successful transaction.


If you do not have an appointed notary and do not know a notary, Winsome Immobilier can put you in touch with one of its partner notaries near you. Our team will then take care of the administrative exchanges necessary for the drafting of the sales agreement.


Once all the mandatory documents have been provided and the preliminary sale contract drafted, you will be summoned for the signing of the compromise at the competent notary office in the presence of the seller and his representative, if applicable, as well as your privileged agent Winsome Immobilier. When signing the preliminary sale contract, you may be asked to pay a security deposit, its amount will be fixed in advance by the notaries.

After the conclusion of the preliminary sale agreement, there is generally a period of at least three months before the signing of the final deed of sale.


Once the compromise has been signed, the buyer has a 10-day withdrawal period under which he can withdraw without any costs or penalties. This period of ten days runs: from the day after the first presentation of the registered letter with request for acknowledgment of receipt notifying the deed to the purchaser, when the compromise has been made under private signature.
If you had paid a security deposit, it will be returned to you without any penalty within 21 days from the day after the withdrawal date.

Once the preliminary sale contract is signed, the notary will begin the process to check that no right of pre-emption applies to the sale and that all the documents in the file are compliant.

In certain municipalities, the state may also have an urban pre-emption right, in which case the notary will have to notify him of the intention to sell; the mayor has a maximum period of 2 months to purchase if he wishes. Once this period has ended without return from the town hall, the sale can take its course.

If your purchase requires obtaining a mortgage, the preliminary sale contract must allow a period of between 45 and 60 days on average for obtaining a loan. Therefore, you buyer, must do everything possible to obtain your loan within the time limits provided for in the compromise. As soon as you receive the agreement from your bank or broker, you must inform the notary so that he can plan the date of signing of the authentic deed.

Winsome Immobilier always provides for a final control visit, also known as a handover visit, just before the signing of the final deed. This visit reassures buyers as well as sellers, and allows them to adjust the latest technical conditions.

Finally, here is the long awaited moment, the signing of the final deed of sale which seals the sale of the property. During this meeting with the notary, the buyer pays the purchase price, the seller gives him the keys and the property changes ownership.


All that remains is to drink a toast to celebrate ...

Do not hesitate to contact one of our agent if you have any questions.
The entire Winsome team is here for you.

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