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“Exceptional real estate deserves equally exceptional services! "

Independently of the commercial actions, Winsome has internally developed a whole range of services allowing to carry out the mission of a prestigious real estate agency. Winsome know-how offers you a set of high-end services with the sole aim of selling your property as quickly and at the best price!

Find all of our services below :

Professional photos AND videos

"Buyers spend around 60% of their time on photos, 20% on the description of the property and 20% on remarks from realtors."

Thanks to Winsome's know-how, professional photos will allow your property to be highlighted to stand out in the market. And always in the interest of standing out, videos and drone shots can be offered to you according to your property. Beautiful images sell faster and better.

The little + Winsome : our photographers, videographers and professional drone pilots are exclusively part of the Winsome Team, thus ensuring the quality of the images while respecting your confidentiality.

Winsome quality, a guarantee of confidence.

Professional drone shots

Gaining height… a major asset!

The attractiveness of a property depends above all on careful photographs, it is the first image and therefore the first impression that future buyers will have of your property.

The drone revolution is coming into play. The aerial view of a property is essential today, which is why Winsome immobilier has composed its team of a professional drone pilot (remote pilot), certified DGAC (the taking drone shots can only be done by a professional. See our article).

Stand out with HD aerial photos captured by our drones, or with our drone videos filmed in 4K.

Trust the quality of our services!

2D and 3D projection

Projection is the key!

Future buyers in general cannot imagine a different layout, or new possibilities...

…But if we help them a little, that changes everything!

The advantage that Winsome Immobilier offers you here is to magnify the property and show all its strengths. Our goal here again is to facilitate the projection of potential buyers. Thanks to laser technology, Winsome produces 2D plans for you as well as 3D plans for easier projection with buyers.

Virtual tours

The future is already here! Enter a new dimension!

Who says better than total immersion to get an idea of a property? Much more realistic than a simple 360 ° visit, the immersive 3D virtual tour by Winsome Immobilier allows the potential buyer to move freely around the property for a visit as close as possible to reality.

The future buyers will be won over and you, the seller, will avoid many unnecessary visits. Moreover, it has been proven that real estate available in virtual tours have a conversion rate twice as high as traditional ads.

Your property will be visible from everywhere in France and even abroad, so the virtual tour allows you to reach as many potential buyers as possible. Some buyers will come only once to validate their crush and sign the purchase offer.
40% of investors found their property through a virtual tour and 10% of them bought directly after the first virtual tour.

More opportunities! Save time for everyone!

Home staging

Innovative service and formidable efficiency!

Knowing that 8 out of 10 people are unable to project themselves into a property that they do not like in terms of layout and decoration or in an empty, unfurnished property, Winsome has set up an unstoppable weapon: THE HOME STAGING !

Home Staging is the art of transforming real estate to attract potential buyers and to trigger an immediate crush in order to obtain an offer to purchase.

Nowadays, much faster and more economical than real Home Staging, there is Virtual Home Staging. It makes it possible to digitally reconstruct an interior decoration from photos or plans in order to reveal the potential of the property for sale. Service included in the premium mandate.

Find our explanation and the great usefulness of Virtual Home Staging and Real Home Staging in our two articles below:

Virtual Home Staging / Real Home Staging

Play the efficiency card with Winsome Immobilier !

Interagency distribution

Sharing is the key!

Who says exclusive mandate does not mean that we do not work in collaboration with other agencies!

Indeed, so that your interests are assured, Winsome Immobilier undertakes to work with all agencies that represent a qualified buyer. It is with this in mind that we do not have one, but two transaction software so that your goods are published absolutely everywhere.

The first is INTERKAB which includes 7300 agencies and also on the APIMARKET which brings together 850 agencies. More work for us, but above all more visibility for you!

The sales force is optimized, confidentiality preserved!

Marketing report

As a real estate start-up, Big Data is our ally!

Whether on the buy or sell side, our mission always begins with the analysis of the property and the analysis of the market. And at Winsome we like things well done and above all marked on paper. We are therefore working on the crossing of databases and the finest estimates on the market in order to provide our clients with reliable asset valuation market research.

Thanks to innovative tools, Winsome Immobilier delivers you a complete market analysis file including a precise and updated estimate, comparability goods, market indicators, socio-economic data, maps with points of interest and transport nearby. 

In addition, our financial experience also allows us to provide a detailed profitability study file whether it is for a simple rental investment, a commercial premises or even a hotel property. 

Digital strategy

It's time to keep up with the times!

Firmly convinced that the future of real estate lies in digital, the real estate Winsome Immobilier is resolutely turned towards innovation and new communication tools.

We are present on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. The Premium mandate ensures that you are promoted on the networks because we know that today each communication tool is important to reach the widest possible target of potential buyers (family, investors, foreigners, etc.).

Trust Winsome Immobilier real estate to manage the visibility of your property, your sale price will be even better!

And many other means...

Let's meet up !

At Winsome Immobilier we don't believe in luck, but we have found that...
the harder we work… the more we have…

But we are not going to divulge all our secrets here, we still have a little under the elbow, but we will be delighted to present our "Successful transaction" recipes over a small coffee...

Contact one of our real estate agencies, we come to your city for free (Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Perpignan, St Cyprien, Torrreilles, Mandelieu, Mougins, Villefranche su Mer, Beausoleil, etc.)

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