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Convinced that the real estate agent is the architect of the transaction because it connects all the related professions, Winsome Immobilier wishes to surround itself with exclusive partners. 

Working and recommending quality and trustworthy professionals allows us to complete our range of real estate services with the sole aim of helping and satisfying our clients.


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To sell your property, diagnoses will be requested by the notary. These diagnoses are used to inform the potential buyer about the state of the accommodation he is looking for. In order to obtain the best rates for our clients, our agencies have developed partnerships with the best experts in the sector. Contact our real estate agency on the Côte d'Azur (Antibes) or our real estate agency in the Pyrénées Orientales (Perpignan) so that we can put you in touch with the most efficient experts on the market.


The notary is a major player in a real estate transaction and we want to work with professionals who share our values and have the same requirements as us. This is why we can recommend you trustworthy notaries in the Côte d'Azur region and the Pyrénées Orientales region, with whom we work in collaboration.

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At Winsome Immobilier we know that being well advised is essential given the growing complexity of legal and tax rules, and the diversity of possible investments. The asset manager generally first carries out an asset and tax assessment of the client; available liquidity, current investments, salary, real estate assets, family and marital status, taxation, and depending on us, he will give us the investment or disinvestment guidelines to favor.

Contact one of our real estate agencies in Nice, Antibes, Cannes or Perpignan for a connection.

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Congratulations ! It's the project of a lifetime, renovating or building the home of your dreams! The architect is essential to file a building permit or if your renovation project concerns a surface greater than 150 m².

In addition, the architect is your ally to bring real added value to your tailor-made project, when it is necessary to rethink the layout and arrangement of the rooms, his expertise will make all the difference.

Contact us for the contact details of the partner architects of the Winsome Immobilier real estate agency on the French Riviera or the Pyrénées Orientales.


Getting a loan is good, a loan at the best rate is better.
We work in close collaboration with real estate brokers in order to allow our buying clients to obtain preferential credit conditions. In addition, so that our sellers are reassured about the solvency of potential buyers, our brokers also allow us to study buyers' files quickly and precisely. This allows Winsome Real Estate to present sellers with only the best purchase offers.

By contacting one of our agencies in Cannes, Antibes, Nice or Perpignan, you will be put in touch with one of our approved Winsome brokers.


Trust does not exclude control. Even if our team has been trained in taxation, nothing better than a specialized professional to satisfy our most demanding clients. This is why our real estate agency works in collaboration with tax lawyers in Nice (French Riviera) and in Perpignan (Occitanie). The tax expert makes it possible to optimize real estate income, to study the problems of real estate capital gain and thus to propose strategies for the sale of real estate. 


We know how difficult it is to find trusted craftsmen, which is why Winsome Immobilier has developed a network of trusted craftsmen. Masons, concrete engineers, plumber, electricians, etc...

Winsome Immobilier will introduce you to the craftsman of your choice.


To support you in the progress of your real estate project such as a renovation project, Winsome Immobilier can put you in touch with one of our interior designers validated by the Winsome Team. The role of an interior designer is to design and carry out the layout of interior spaces to create a healthy and aesthetic environment. This includes concept development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communication with project stakeholders, construction management, and design execution.


A necessary step after a real estate transaction, moving is sometimes considered a difficult task, which is why Winsome Immobilier works exclusively with trusted movers. Move in the blink of an eye, let your furniture be pampered by our movers, they take care of everything.


In the context of the sale of a property, it is sometimes necessary to rethink the interior design, this is when the Home Stager intervenes.  The goal of Home Staging is to transform real estate, with a minimum of investment and time. Renovation, depersonalization and enhancement are the watchwords with the sole aim of creating a crush on the potential lessor or potential buyer in order to sell at the best price.

Our Home Stager team is at your disposal !
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We probably have the professional you need, do not hesitate to contact us directly by email or phone to obtain the information.


We have many requests, and we rigorously select our partners.

Do you think you are a trusted partner at faultless work? In this case your profile interests us. Contact us to make an appointment.

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